Evolution backup – ANGOL/ENGLISH

I found on the blog of Shane Fagan an interesting script to back up Evolution from a cron script. He had some hard coded data, and i rewrote it to use variables, but we could not find a solution to post my version in the comments.

So i just publist it here, with a backlink to his page:


BACKUP_FILE=/home/${USERNAME}/Ubuntu One/evolution-backup.tar.gz
if [ -f “${BACKUP_FILE}” ]

evolution –force-shutdown

rm /home/${USERNAME}/.evolution/.running

gconftool-2 –dump /apps/evolution > /home/$USERNAME/.evolution/backup-restore-gconf.xml

cd /home/${USERNAME} && tar czhf “${BACKUP_FILE}” .evolution `if [ -d .camel_certs ]; then echo .camel_certs; fi`

evolution &

I have to note, that this way Evolution gets started after the backup is done, even if you have scheduled it to run at night. I think the intention was to start the backgroud processes that were stopped with evolution –force-shutdown.

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